Oh What A Day!

by Vic Sadot

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The writing of "Oh What A Day!" was begun by Vic Sadot in November 2008 on the day after the election of the first President of color of the United States, Barack Obama, formerly Barry Sotero. It was completed not long after the Inauguration to celebrate the departure of the lawless, lying, war-mongering Bush-Cheney regime. The 2008 Democratic Party election victory seemed to indicate that the American electorate were hoping for a "CHANGE" along the lines of Roosevelt's "New Deal" program. Now that the Obama "honeymoon" period is long over, many in the electorate are feeling that the "CHANGE" promised was betrayed. We are getting the policies of the old war profiteering and torture regime with a new wave of austerity policies and further dismantling of the "New Deal". We need leaders who serve "JUSTICE", not the money masters, manipulators, and oppressors who bomb weaker resource rich countries in our name under all manner of ridiculous rationales and unproven pretexts. The song was recorded at Robot Envy Studio in Berkeley, CA with Sammy Fielding as sound engineer. Vic Sadot is on vocals and acoustic guitar. Eric Golub is featured on violin.


Oh What a Day!

After 8 years of Bush and Cheney the country was weary and worn!
Yeah! “W” was Dick’s little trainee! And the Constitution was torn!
When these Empire thugs used torture, they put our poor country to scorn!
And as they looted the treasury, a mighty new movement was born!


Oh what a day! What a wonderful, jubilant day!
Oh what a day! When Bush and Cheney went away!
Oh what a day! What a wonderful, jubilant day!
Oh what a day! When peace through justice is the way!

Yes, they left the country in ruin! They lied and made profits from war!
They lied about all they were doin’! From 9/11 to Iraq and more!
Now the country’s got Obama and Biden, and there’s so much hope in the air!
But trust in them will run out when they have no justice to share! (chorus)

It’s not about the color of your skin! Not looks! Not personality!
It’s all about who you are servin’! And the truth about your policy!
It’s really all about exposin’ the lies that mislead us before!
And stopping the wars they’re imposin’, and serving justice once more! (chorus)

Now we’ve got a new face for the Empire! The “good cop” ‘s replacing the “bad”!
And once again there’s blood on the wire! It’s all so mad and so sad!
They still use lies of 9/11 to cover up all that is wrong!
And they’re still looting the treasury! But the movement for justice is strong!

(chorus slow)

Copyright 2009 Victor René Sadot, BMI, Orbian Love Music


released September 11, 2011
Vic Sadot on vocals and acoustic guitar; Eric Golub on violin



all rights reserved


Vic Sadot & Crazy Planet Band Berkeley, California

Vic Sadot is a folk singer based in Berkeley, California. On September 11, 2011 Vic released a new CD and launched a new website. The new CD is called "9/11 Truth & Justice Songs" and it is now available at CD Baby: www.cdbaby/cd/vicsadot3

The new Official Site for Vic Sadot Music is:
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